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True or False?

By Minden Lawyers, Jul 7 2017 02:49PM

Dads have the same opportunity ot obtain custody of children as moms.

True. The old days of courts favoring mothers when awarding custody are over. The “Tender Years Doctrine,” which is the misguided belief that dads lack the ability to properly care for young children, has been eliminated in Nevada. Nevada courts are expressly forbidden to consider a parent’s gender when make custody decisions.

The law assumes that moms and dads are equally able to love, nurture and attend to their children. When making custody awards, a court may consider just about anything that it deems appropriate: but the gender of a parent is intentionally NOT on that list. Whether you are a mom or a dad, having an experienced family law attorney on your team is essential to a fair outcome.

Nothing stated herein constitutes the giving of legal advice. Every case is different. If you are dealing with a legal matter, call an attorney to discuss your specific case.

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