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True or False?

By Minden Lawyers, Aug 17 2017 08:34PM

Law enforcement officers always tell the truth.

To Protect and to Serve” is a very difficult job. Most law enforcement officers (“LE”) are highly trained, care about their jobs, and obey the law. When investigating crime, LE have many tools, including the lawful ability to be untruthful with those with whom they are speaking. Yes, LE can, and will, lie if doing so furthers their investigation.

We all have an interest in a safe and secure community. If you have information that may help LE solve a crime, share it. However, if you may have done something wrong, LE is probably NOT your friend. If an officer says something like “the witnesses all saw you do it,” that may or may not be true. LE may be lying to you to get you to admit things that you shouldn’t. Keeping your mouth shut, followed by calling an attorney, is the best thing you can do.

“Nothing stated herein constitutes the giving of legal advice. Every case is different. If you are dealing with a legal matter, call an attorney to discuss your specific case.”

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